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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

if the cubs cant go, at least the bosox will

10-3. game 7, at yankee stadium, to cap off a comeback unparalleled in sport. go bosox.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

tucker carlson is a dick

you've all seen friday's crossfire by now, unless you went away for a long weekend with no internet access. if thats the case,
  • look here

  • tucker carlson now has made his feelings about the program known:

    "I thought that he looked ridiculous," Carlson said in an interview Monday, "and I think the tape makes that clear."

    Carlson said Stewart continued lecturing the "Crossfire" crew after the show went off the air. "I wasn't offended as much as I was unimpressed," he said.

    Carlson noted that many of the great comedians kept their political opinions to themselves, not for fear of offending anyone, but because it could hurt their art.

    "You're selling out," he said. "If you are a satirist or an acute social observer, and he is, and all of a sudden you suspend disbelief on someone or suck up rather than prod or poke someone, people will look at you and say, `Even if I agree with you, I don't like it,'" he said.

    carlson has completely missed the point (again). stewart wasnt going on to personally attack carlson or bagala, he was trying to plead to them to begin using civil discourse, instead of berating and prodding them. civil debate is essential to democracy, and if it could be publicly held on a show like crossfire, so many more americans could be informed about key issues. instead, they choose to chase after ratings instead of actual information gathering.

    what makes me most happy about this is that carlson proved stewarts point perfectly. when stewart came on to have a civil conversation, carlson poked and prodded him to profanity. carlson, loosen up that bow tie and learn to play well with others.

    Salon Photo Caption Contest

    well, it looks like i won, although i have to share the title with a few people. actually, i'd bet a ton of people.

    here were my submissions:

    1. Let's Roll.
    2. Karl Rove, after a three martini lunch, stops to take a nap before
    the next campaign stop.
    3. With a bulge on his back and a final smile for the president, Karl
    Rove prepares for sweet release.

    Monday, October 04, 2004

    uh oh

  • Shades Linemonkey

  • Click for

  • fucking cubs, but heaven help me i love em...

    well, i havent posted in a few days, mostly because of the despondancy i feel. the emotional investment i put into this season was considerable, and as such, i am taking it pretty hard. im a cubs fan, and one would guess accustomed to disappointment, but every year is still difficult. it is especially so when theyre so close, so close you can smell it, touch it, taste it, but its simply a tease. its a hard life being a cubs fan.

    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    this is going to be a long week

    with the cubs loss last night and the giants and astros winning, the wild card race has three teams within a half game of each other. every game is a nail biter for me, and im having a tough time not ripping my hair out and destroying my television screen. whats even worse is that i have to work most of this week, so im going to miss a lot of games.

    oh well. i have faith. this is our year. that's become my mantra. although, thats been my mantra for most of my 27 years. well, one of these years its going to have to come true right? right?

    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

    catholicism pow!

    i was raised catholic, i went to st. edna's parish in arlington heights, il. i was an altar boy for four years, and treated respectfully. i have no ties to the church any more, having eschewed traditional religion in favor of my own beliefs.

    having said this, i realize there is a huge problem with catholicism today. besides the allegations of child molestation, there are antiquated beliefs about women, abortion, sex, homosexuality and a leader so sick that i doubt that decrees given in his name actually have ever been approved by him.

    it seems that a small group of cardinals in the inner circle of the vatican are setting church doctrine without regard to the needs of the faith. the problem that ive always had with catholicism, and indeed with all christianity, is that the actual teachings of christ seem to be disregarded in favor of thought control and power struggle.

    or maybe im missing something. maybe theres a benefit to a religion that teaches fear, hatred, and delusion.

    jay farrar's songs always did more for me than jeff tweedy's

    you could always tell. whenever you were listening to uncle tupelo, the seminal alt-country band from the outskirts of st. louis, you knew that the deep gravelly voice belonged to farrar, while tweedy's timbre was a bit higher and slightly shaky.

    pitchfork (check my links) reports today that son volt is reforming to record a new album. uncle tupelo is one of those bands that i got into posthumously, so all i could do was check out the various members new projects, jay farrar's son volt and jeff tweedy's wilco. wilco, well, i shouldn't have to tell you about wilco.

    son volt has always had to live in wilco's shadow, for whatever reason. hopefully, with the recording and release of the new album, more people will be turned on to farrar's talents.

    only 6 games left

    and every one of them counts. the cubs have the chance to make the playoffs for the second time in two years for the first time since 1907-08. seems like the club is great at making a good run for the first decade of a century. and thats all. ugh.

    well, as most cubs fans are, blindly at that, im an optimist. im going to go out on a limb and say that this is the cubs century. we have a gm that actually knows what hes doing, and an ownership that has finally realized that if they put together a winning team, theyll sell out wrigley every day.

    game time at 7:05 tonight against cincinnati. lets put up another 12 runs. oh, and go padres.

    another reason to keep clear of the suburbs

    from today:

    Warning: Suburban sprawl may be hazardous to your health. A report released Monday found that people who live in sprawling metropolitan areas are more likely to report chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, headaches and breathing difficulties than residents of more compact cities.

    so, besides the bland vanilla living that the suburbs provide, living there can actually shorten your life.

    The study found no link between suburban sprawl and a greater incidence of mental health problems.

    as for that, its only a matter of time.

    how many blogs do you suppose begin at 3:30 am?

    i'd imagine quite a few. blogging seems to be a function of equal parts boredom, vanity, and, with the good ones, an honest desire to inform. i know that may sound acerbic and rude, but i don't mean to insult. as a matter of fact, some of my best friends are bloggers. mouse words, the blank generation, linemonkey, and winkdishman are all written by friends whom i respect a great deal.

    i simply recognize that blogging is, for the most part, a masturbatory exercise. theres nothing wrong with that, though. its a good release, in more ways than one.

    so here at rabbit scratch, i'll be discussing a variety of topics about which i am passionate about. music, politics, cubs baseball, and whatever else boils my blood at any particular time.

    im looking forward to comments, praises, hate mail, and interactions with everyone in the blogsphere.

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